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Why hello there

I am so happy you are here. Honestly, one of the best things about what I do is meeting so many different people from all walks of life. So it's safe to say, that at our session, it will feel like we have always known one another. So many of my clients become parts of my life and I love watching them grow. But you didn't come to an about me page to hear all that, you want to hear the nitty gritty. Who is this purple haired human that you might just want to invest in some photos with?

Megan Holly is the soul and artist behind it all. She believes that the human spirit can shine through photography and brings life to the individuals, families, and groups that she is so lucky to be able to meet and work with. Photography is not only a passion, but a lifestyle for Megan Holly. Capturing the most special moments frozen in time is exhilarating and humbling all in the same breath. The best part of being a photographer is connecting with others and giving them true pieces of art to cherish.

Deeper Dive

My love of art, creation, and nature started from a young age, so photography was a natural movement into my life over a decade ago. I found that exploring angles, meeting people where they are, and having an eye for the unusual all came very naturally to me.

This is exactly why my art turns out the way it does. Because I use my instinct and connection to others and the earth to get the most real captures I can dream up. Each session is it's own little world of creation and my images speak to each client as individuals. Although my style is bright, vibrant, and bold...I have range in my editing to accommodate unique features, style, and other artistic needs each session brings to the table. 

When I am not behind the camera or mentoring my clients, I am with my husband, family, my dogs, or traveling. These are some of the many cornerstones of my life that create who I am and how I show up. I believe life is a series of experiences and people that shape us and these are just a few important pieces to what has helped shape me. I love purple (can you tell), there is not enough glitter in the world if you ask me, and I love a deep belly laugh!

Fun Facts

  • Music is life and I have dance parties weekly right in my kitchen

  • I am not afraid of color. My house boasts palettes of unique tones and creations and I have purple hair. It's kind of my signature ;)

  • I am not even 5 feet tall. Which lends to some comical moments in my life and photography, but I really and truly wouldn't trade it for much of anything. You have to embrace yourself, no matter what

  • I love to DIY things. Refurnishing furniture, turning a thrifted find into something new, it's all good and gravy and get's my creativity going

  • I am a proud aunt of 9 and do a lot of what I do to show them what's possible in this life. They are my inspiration and the key to my heart