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Stand out. Be bold.

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Megan Holly Artist was bursting at the seams to grow, so from this energy burst, Little Powerhouse Branding was created. Her small business and entrepreneurial clients were asking for more and she listened! There is so much excitement with so many new ways of working with Megan to grow your business, we have a whole other slice of the internet for any and all branding needs. Megan's specialty is helping business owners level up their connection, ideal client flow, and income through strong and thought provoking imagery. Her well known and well loved branding photography has helped 100's of businesses growth their followings, create more deep conversations, and has made for some stellar brand assets for websites, landing pages, workshops, marketing materials and more.

In addition to her branding photography, she is also a Confident Coach. Her 1:1 work with women in business to step more strongly into themselves and their mission is powerful. It encompasses their mindset around their growth, the vision for the brand, and simply just standing more grounded and powerful in who they are. She is also a speaker, hosts workshops, and does community outings with other business owners all of the time.

Headshot Photography

Long gone are the days of the stuffy boring headshots. If you are looking for that, no worries, Megan will do you even better with an updated, lifestyle feel to your shots. Perfect for profile photos and social media platforms, business cards, flyers and presentations. The always important headshots are versatile and you can grab the attention of your ideal client with the right look for yours. 

Things to consider when booking a headshot: What is your ideal client? What is your style and vibe? What is your messaging? These will all help to dictate and curate the best look for your images. 

If you want to dive in deeper than simply headshots, there are even more ways in which we can bring you, your business, and your offerings to life with additional branding photography that will help you not only stand out, but grow your reach with your ideal clients.

Let's Plan Some Headshots

Branding Photography

There really should not be a limit in what it is you can do to create movement and growth for your business...that's the motto around here and we're sticking to it. Megan Holly created Little Powerhouse Branding so that her clients could truly shine. The sky is the limit and we can bring your story to life through images that speak volumes and capture your ideal clientele with more ease and flow than you have ever had. That's what it is all about...creating growth! 

Creative, standout photos that showcase you, your products, services, and impact are essential in this very visual centric world. If you want to find your ideal client, giving them no reason to pass you by is your best bet and I can help you curate just what that looks like. I promise you, it will feel amazing to step into this next level of yourself and your business.

Feeling a little unsure about what branding yourself even looks like? I get it, there is a lot to think about and even more to overwhelm you. But that is why I am here, to make this process not only have ease, but to have FUN while doing it. My clients report bouts of laughter, confidence boosts, and bigger conversions in their business...all because they invested in their business by way of branding photography and other visual planning. I have got you...promise!

Free Branding Photography Consult

Business Growth Offerings

Beyond stand out photos, Megan Holly believes that there is so much more to creating a brand. Anyone can have a business, but not everyone can thrive. I know it sounds harsh, but it is not meant to be such. It's meant to knock you over the head and sweep you off of your feet to realize you have so much more to give!

From drop in, confidence boosting consults to ongoing mentorship, and so much more...come play in the realm of what is possible for you and your dreams. All of these offerings are meant to meet you where you are and take you by the hand to go where you know you want to be. You don't have to do it alone, so come along and see what's in store for you. Let's jump on a call and chat about that nudge you have to step into your power. I know we can create magic together and your gifts, talents, and offerings all need to be seen. I know you can do this and I am here every step of the way. Before you know it, you will be soaring to new heights and looking back wondering what took you so long to take the leap

Gimme a free consult please!

Ready for a deeper dive into connection?

Megan loves connecting with her clients in unique ways and there is always something for everyone. Whether you are intrigued by coaching, photography, or simply want to see what can support you best, a FREE consultation can be super helpful. Most walk away from these with so much clarity and drive, you will be well on your way to getting closer to your goals. If you are looking for a safe place to land and learn how to dive deeper into your brand and how you connect with your community...

Let's do this!

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What Our Clients Say

I had a quick photo shoot with Megan a few weeks ago and it was an amazing experience! I walked out feeling like a goddess. Then I got the pictures!! I have received so many compliments on them!! I can’t wait to have another shoot with her.

- Deb P.

Batavia, Illinois

I had a branding shoot with Megan. She did a beautiful job. She worked so well with the kids. She had great ideas. Her contribution helped make my product launch a success.

- Stacey M.

Montgomery, Illinois

I truly do not even know where to start! The amount of detail and communication that Megan does about everything is amazing. I just got my photos back and couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome! I highly recommend Megan and her services to all! I will definitely be back for more

-Brittany K.

Bristol, Illinois

Have you guys seen her eye for the perfect shot! I mean every picture is shot so perfectly! Not only does she take amazing photos but her personality is far beyond anything we can ask for! She makes you feel warm and welcome and is extremely patient! You won’t regret having her take any of your life photos!

- Alyssa A

Yorkville, Illinois

I needed some fresh headshots starting a new job and was fortunate to find Megan Holly! Megan was extremely professional and helpful to make sure I got the look I was going for. She made me feel so comfortable during the photo shoot and she is just full of life. She edited my pictures and got them back to me quickly. They are beautiful and exactly what I wanted! Don’t hesitate to hire Megan Holly for a photo shoot! She’s awesome!!!

- Margaret

Naperville, Illinois

Megan did my headshot for my business photos and she did an amazing job! She knows how to make her client feel confident, comfortable and happy. We've had great communication, very responsive, she's sweet and she knows what's best for her client.

I love doing business with her and I'll definitely use her service in my future photoshoot.

If you're looking for a professional photographer, I truly recommend Megan. 

- Mel B

Schaumberg, Illinois

Do you do headshot photography?

Yes, I love doing natural, lifestyle headshot photography. It is. my mission to help bring the beauty, strength, and expertise out of each business owner I work with through truly stand out headshots. Long gone are the days of stuffy photos. I am all about marrying professionalism with approachability!

What is your headshot pricing?

This can vary depending on a few variables, however for a single headshot session, pricing starts at $255. The best way to know exactly what your needs are budget wise is to get a few additional details sorted on a consultation. Small group and team rates are also available!

What is included in a branding photography session?

This highly depends on the needs of your business, your goals for using your photos, and your budget. It is best to jump on a consultation together to talk through some of these points together so that we can really dial down to achieving your branding goals. Once we walk through all of this together, I can present you with the best options and packages that fit your needs. All the packages have great return on investment and help small business owners, like yourself, shine brighter and start really connecting with your ideal clients!

What are the benefits of having more in depth branding sessions?

In today's world, it is all about stopping your ideal client's scroll. Having photos that do that is so important. From being able to bring your own personality and experience right into the photos, to having pieces of content that can storytell, educate, and inspire - branding photography is where community and connectivity are built - which means more conversations for you in your business.

I am feeling stuck in my business and my mindset, can you help?

Yes, I would love to. One of my favorite things is mentoring clients on where they are stuck within their business and helping them move forward. From 1:1 mentorships to group coaching containers, and even local and destination retreats, there is something for everyone. If you want to see growth within your visual branding and/or your mindset...together we can make that happen and start to see your goals come to life.