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Over the years, Megan Holly has found the areas in which she truly love to captures her clients. In doing so, she has found a rhythm and excitement for a few areas of photography. These are where her heart lie and where her clients really shine through her work. Dance. Graduation. Children/Family all have her heart!

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall there is something to capture the beauty of whatever life juncture you are at. Check out the current offerings and locations for the current season here. See what is in store for this season right here!

Megan offers specialized dates and gorgeous locations 4 times a year. Below is the current openings, however feel free to inquire for future seasons or custom location or photo needs. We are here to make your photo dreams come true.

Nothing on the main calendar working? Let's chat about a custom session, location, and look that works for you. I am all bout creating the perfect setting and situation for all of my clients, no matter their needs.


Dance photography is a special art. It's bringing to life movement in a split second to create an essence of the dance, the technique, and the style. Dance captures are near and dear to my heart, so whether it's a single session to build a dancers portfolio, or a team of dancers getting headshots and movement photos...the excitement only begins when you book, but the real magic happens when the dancers come to life in front of the camera. Mix that with Megan's unique and bold style of editing and masterpieces are made. 

As a lifelong dancer, starting at the age of 3, dance is in Megan's blood. She has also been a professional in the dance industry for over 20 years so attention to detail, ease of directing dancers, and creativity that boasts finding each dancers strengths are something that does not go unnoticed. So whether your dancer is looking to get some fresh shots, or a studio is looking for epic photos for their season...look no further than the dancing photographer. ;)


Milestones in life are fleeting, but so important to be able to look back on. My philosophy is simple in life and it's basically that we need to CELEBRATE MORE! Don't you think we could all use a bit more fun in life? I do, especially when we have people we love doing wonderfully amazing things!

If you are with me and have a graduation in the coming months, let's talk about creating commemorative art to celebrate it. Preschool, Kindergarten, 8th grade, high school, college, graduate, trade school, cosmetology - you name it - we can bring that journey to life! 

It's all about that graduate too, so these sessions are all beautifully crafted to bring out their best. From outfits and locations that scream their personality to details and props that feel them. No matter how simple or extravagant we get, the results are always stunning. Let's bring to life your families next milestone!

Children & Family

It's really hard to pick a season that's a favorite to shoot session in, so why not have something for each one. Megan has some of the best and most unique offerings for all the seasons, and no matter what your favorite is, there is something to jump into and make it a gorgeous session! Can't pick a favorite? Inquire about multi season discounts!

Typical sessions offered each year:

Spring - May - in gorgeous blossoming locations                        Summer - August - sunflower sessions                                                    Fall - October - Bring on the fall colors and leaves                                  Winter - November - Themed or classic winter sessions

Get Some Gorgeous Photos

What Our Clients Say

Megan took the most INCREDIBLE pictures of my family...and we have 5 children, so that is no small task! She is creative, patient, fun, and has a great eye. She truly captured their essence and the best part is we al had fun doing it! Thank you Megan! We will definitely be hiring you again for all our photog needs.

- Amy K

Geneva, Illinois

We had a fall mini session with Megan and we absolutely love the photos. She responded quickly to any queries I had before the photo shoot and was very patient when my three year old was refusing to cooperate for photos! She captured our family perfectly and I would highly recommend her!

- Jessica K.

Naperville, Illinois

My happiness is off the charts seeing how well Megan captured images from my session. I am so, so happy to have these photos of my senior girl. Thank you, Megan, for your most amazing works of art.

- Sarah W.

Plainfield, Illinois

Megan is an amazing photographer and I highly recommend working with her!! She was patient, sweet and managed to get my active 2 year old to smile for the camera, all while playing. The photos are absolutely beautiful..I want them all! I also appreciated her professionalism and quick editing. Excited to work with you again, Megan! Next time, let's do family photos.

- Stephanie

Naperville, Illinois

I am crying. They are so beautiful.

- Stephanie A.

Downers Grove, Illinois

Always have amazing sessions with Megan! She captures us perfectly and lets us be ourselves and that truly Resonates in our finished photos.

- Mary G.

Yorkville, Illinois

I am looking for updated photos of my kids or family, what do you offer?

Yay - that is so exciting! I love helping families get a chance to have some beautiful art created. It's like freezing time and creating an heirloom all in one...moments to cherish for a lifetime. I offer high end locations and mini sessions all throughout the year. Depending on the season, I have a beautiful variety of sessions to choose from. My main dates are always open to book throughout the year, and I highly recommend booking as early as possible, as dates and time slots are limited. I do, however, offer a handful of custom dates and locations upon request, so if you have something in mind or need something specific, please reach out.

I have a graduating senior and need photos done, how do I book?

Senior sessions are one of my absolute favorite types of sessions to do. In order to book, the best thing to do would be to start by looking at my main session dates and locations. These are the best locations for each session and accommodate great senior sessions. Have something else in mind? Let's talk about a custom session that fits your senior's personality and vibe!

Do you do other graduation photos?

Yes, of course! Preschool, kindergarten, 8th grade, college, trade school, or graduate school...No milestone is off limits in my book and they are all worth celebrating!

I have a dancer that needs to build their portfolio:

Well you have come to the right place! With over 30 years of combined dancing experience mixed with being a dance professional, I LOVE working with dancers in front of the camera. I love getting a chance to help them create a portfolio for work or even creating portraits just for fun. I offer single sessions (please see main booking dates here) or even small group and studio work as well. Not seeing something on the main calendar? Inquire about a custom session. For group and studio work, it would be best to have a consultation to plan the best details for these more in depth sessions.